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At Karaka®, we embody Collective Significance®.

We believe that the whole-presence we are in this moment, along with the moment itself has come together to form its Collective Significance.  As such, every encounter, experience or connection made with a person or a thing, brings us to this moment of Collective Significance.  This is what shapes us and makes us who we are.  

With this definition above, our lifestyles offered focus on embodying the Collective Significance® theory, engaging the mind, body and spirit in all that we do.

We are honored to be part of this infinite journey with you and ready to work with individuals, communities, organizations and corporations.

This entrepreneurial journey started in 2017, when our founder and CEO, Artvine (Vina) Torossian after studying the theories of disruption in business models, formed KarakaLEAD Inc. This company is behind the numerous Lifestyle, Leadership & Wellbeing consulting programs, methods and models under the umbrella brand of KARAKA.

In research and reality, proven business models that did not innovate during disruptive immersions of others or underestimated the low-end disruptive business models, lost their prominence and/or became obsolete.  The parallel I am drawing here is to that of the human “natural model”.  The time is now, to mindfully embrace a change, adapt, evolve and see ourselves as ONE. 

The Karaka Method for Leadership and Wellbeing Lifestyle addresses this innovation, it appreciates the upcoming change and is designed to positively meet this human disruption as an opportunity for reshaping US.

The journey starts with YOU. Your BEST self. Your HIGHEST potential. ONE life, designed.

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Our Pillars


Artvine "Vina" Torossian

Vina defines her journey as a collection of moments that add up to the current one, therefore, all of the moments have their own “Collective Significance”.  This entrepreneurial endeavor started for her in 2017 after pursuing her Certificate of Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School and then getting Certified in Wholebeing Positive Psychology.

KarakaLEAD Inc was founded at a transformational phase in her life and she will always be happy to share that piece of her story, once you meet her.  All of this creation was as a result of that pivotal moment.  Since then, she sees transformation, change, evolving and leading the moment in a WHOLE new light.  Something that happens, daily.

Vina Holds a BS in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance and International Studies.  Her passions outside of Karaka include walking in nature, listening and moving to music, reading, writing and her family and close friends. 

Our Founder

Watch Artvine’s TED Talk on Collective Significance.  She highlights the HUMAN spirit in creative times. This talk was given at Bryant University in March 2019.  


“With the same pace and passion we are creating, AI and technology,  let’s continue creating,  however, we need to ensure that we teach our children, our young leaders, the living generations about human characteristics of compassion, kindness, empathy and spirituality.”


“Leadership happens in the moment. At work, in loving relationships, in our everyday lives and in our healthy habits.  Choose to LEAD the moment.”


- Artvine



Collective Significance


Desert Nature


"Stay True to Character" and "Collective Significance" are the hallmarks of Karaka's work. When I served as Chairman of the Connecticut School Counselor Association, Karaka took my Governing Board members on a journey for their leadership training using the context of the four pillars: Lead, Love, Life and Health. We processed the message of each pillar and connected it to the purpose of our organization. Vina guided our deep reflection through inspirational talks. She then provided us with an activity in which we could explore each pillar.


—  Eileen Melody 

Leadership Institute Development Day Participant & CSCA Board Chair

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