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Karaka is a Lifestyle Brand.  We blend and combine Leadership, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Character, Culture and Spirit, into a unique method.  


Karaka in Sanskrit means "to cause significance" individual and collective.  We are dedicated to inspire, connect, and lead Whole-Presence lifestyles.   Our approach and method is unique, we take into account all aspects of our lives.  


In between action and reaction is our choice and chance to cause significance.   We’ve taken this powerful term, laid it on top of 4 pillars. 


The 4 pillars of Karaka are



Our leadership development and well-being lifestyle programs and workshops focus by concentrating on concepts of holistic existence, whole presence, and defining ONEness as Collective Significance® by compartmentalizing further the self, the surroundings, the sphere & significance. The 4S Theory of Collective Significance.


To expand on this, it is teachings such as experiencing ourselves in a holistic approach i.e. mind, body, and spirit by laying out the behavior foundations, the leading skills, and positive psychology teachings which allow the big picture approach to exist.  A strong focus is added to self-awareness as a critical measure of success, in addition to the practice of mindfulness and heartfulness being aligned within.  


To do this, the leadership model places emphasis on soft skills and emotional intelligence with the critical element of continuous practice and application of character strengths.


In organizational models, the ultimate focus remains working individually yet bringing awareness on the functioning connectivity of everything,  the Collective Significance®.  The moments that make up our collective life, in leadership, in loving relationships, in mindful healthy choices, all of these things matter in every environment where there are teams, organizational projects, and organizational structure.  Ultimately forming a holistic culture and a holistic bottom line.    


The Karaka® Method consists of 4 pillars, they are LEAD, LOVE, LIFE & HEALTH. It is for the service of others that we created this.  The power of using our character strength is available at any moment in our lives.  

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