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Welcome to the HEALTH Pillar.

Our HEALTH Pillar is essential.  In this pillar, Karaka instructors cover the aspects of HEALTH for mind, body and spirit.  We explore a definition of HEALTH that’s unique to the individual and bring on an aspect of HEALTH that actually is impactful for those around us. 

The Karaka LIFE pillar programs, workshops and courses are available for individuals and groups around the world and are designed to include, mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual HEALTH.  

We partner with organizations to implement and scale training programs which include well-being practices, leadership development, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and heartfulness and improved performance for a culture that resounds “Collective Significance”.  

Karaka’s HEALTH pillar is not a medical treatment or diagnosis tool.  Our focus remains on the individual becoming self-aware of their own healthy habits and engaging preventative measures to keep HEALTHy.

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