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Welcome to the LEAD Pillar.

Our first pillar is the LEAD pillar because we start with YOU.  We define what leadership is and the types of leadership, such as compassionate, mindful, authentic, servant and engaging leadership.


The Karaka LEAD pillar programs, workshops and courses are available for individuals and groups around the world and designed for personal and professional development needs for your team.  Find the perfect workshop, program or engage with us to consult for a customized program for you.  There’s so much to offer, more details and more content on this pillar. We would love to hear from you.  


We partner with organizations to implement and scale training programs which include well-being, leadership development, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and heartfulness and improved performance for a culture that resounds “Collective Significance”.  


Imagine a team that individually contributes, yet functions as ONE.  This is what Collective Significance is. 

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