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Character in LEAD - Authentic

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Meet Sara Emhof. Karaka is proud to feature Sara as our Character in LEAD for July 2019.

The character trait we are featuring her for is: Authentic

You would have met Sara Emhof 12 years ago at a middle school teaching 7th graders. It may have been right before a turning point in her life. She was struggling with anxiety and her students needed more than a history teacher, they needed a coach. A time which happens to be the part of her life where she started her training as a holistic life coach. A new path, unrecognizable at the time, one which will lead her to her own transformation.

She was on a new path. It is a soul-enriching, layer-shedding, self-discovering experience to take your life to the next level. It takes courage to come to a level of self-awareness and show ability and capability that you can rely on your own decisions and experiences. Sara took a chance and chose this as a method to ensure that her own authenticity shines through in every interaction and communication.

As a natural connector, who thrives on authenticity Sara brought her renewed self and coaching skills to a national youth civic education non-profit. She was able to help thousands of students explore their political identity and beliefs and connect authentically with peers whose beliefs and experiences were quite different than their own.

“The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food” - Dean Ornish

In 2016 Sara had a thirst to dive deeper into her coaching training and operate at a higher, more authentic level. Seeing first-hand, the deepening political divide, angst and depression in the US, she realized that for social change to happen, we must connect meaningfully and lead authentically. She began training in the transformational coaching method. Her own transformation became a compass and a guideline for her to lead from a place of authenticity and inspire others to do the same.

It took consistent effort and diligence to achieve this. She continuously applied herself in the direction of her desires each day, and established a pattern which allowed her to achieve and manifest.

Upon adopting a new mindset and leading her own transformation, Sara’s authentic and natural leadership came through like a bright light! Sara embodies this characteristic in her interactions, in the way she shows confidence and ease in what she does. She is the founder of MOGA, which stands for Moving Organizations to Greater Authenticity. She calls her method the MOGA Mindset, and in her training sessions and workshops she integrates the 5 Step Transformational coaching method and movement (brain-body connection) to rewire the part of the brain that controls trust, resilience, creative problem solving, and connection to purpose.

The creation of MOGA Mindset was designed to serve schools, entrepreneurs and organizations. Her vision is to guide individuals and teams to clarify their own personal and professional goals and design methods which permit stress trigger recognition.

She is organic in her approach, she is playful, she is nurturing. She loves to dance and be creative in her ways. Sara truly believes that the success and health of individuals, organizations and our democracy require that we connect meaningfully and show up authentically.

“As parents, leaders, teachers & entrepreneurs we need to lead from a place of authenticity and invite others to do the same. We cannot change others, but we can inspire them by creating our own transformation.” - Sara Emhof

Sara is also fun! She is a certified Journey Dance facilitator, a freestyle dance experience and a sure way to release stress and connect. She is a life-long athlete which fulfills her goal-oriented mindset and team building talent. Another hobby and favorite pass-time of hers is to travel abroad. Most recently she went to Kenya in 2018 and coached high school students. What an amazing experience for her! One which fuels her dreams personally and professionally.

She leads this mission by modeling it to her clients. With high rates of depression and employee dissatisfaction , her teachings find their way back into society through the organizations, schools and entrepreneurs she coaches. She is on a quest to improve the social health of our schools and organizations by inviting individuals to live and lead authentically.

Sara enhances her vision and brings it to life. She displays an example to her clients, friends and family by walking through life as if she’s already living her ideal purpose. When this comes across, it is truly AUTHENTIC.

Stay True to Character, Sara.

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