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Character In LEAD - Intuition

First issued in December 2019 How do you get your purpose to lead you to prosperity? What sort of skills do you need to continuously be able to strength spot? When do you know that what you are manifesting is spot on? These are the types of questions you get to ask our next Character in LEAD™ , Mariah Ramundo. Welcome to Karaka’s 4th featured ‘Character in LEAD™’ for 2019. We are honored to feature a person who’s mission and purpose is to assist others find and pursue their own. We are featuring Mariah for the powerful character trait of: INTUITION. Magic happens when one knows how to seek their intuitive guide and serve it to build personal and professional pursuits. This is the kind of knowledge Mariah uses, applies and relies upon for her innovative and authentic ways to LEAD her life. Mariah is a certified CultureTalk™ Partner with over 10 years of a background in: leadership and management, recruitment and retention, sales and marketing, and economic development. Mariah’s intuition and authenticity allows individuals to gravitate to her who are open to sharing their [business] initiatives and goals with her. She feels privileged to hear and visualize their story. Her insight and delicate abilities allow her to encourage others to view life through the lens of opportunity, gratitude and perspective. An optimist by instinct and a well-wisher by nature. She is well versed in the practice of gratitude herself, Mariah makes her self-care habits and rituals a daily practice. In the mornings, she allows herself to leave time to meditate, write in her journal, perhaps do either yoga or an exercise routine. These types of mindfulness routines allow her to self-regulate and quiet her mind to allow her truth to be felt and seen. What a great way to manage red-flags and be in-tune of what’s around her. Mariah enjoys spending time with her husband and young family. Her family and her have chosen to build their lives in the beautiful Capital Region located in upstate New York, where the grace of the 4 seasons transitioning allows her to draw parallels to her own life’s season, as she mindfully creates special memories which shape her life and experiences. For her professional endeavors, Mariah chose a non-traditional way to continue to offer her gifts to the workforce and the world. She recently ventured to become an Entrepreneur. A launch which has her now creating a life designed by her own making and for the purpose to lead her clients, and her self to well-being and prosperity. Alongside her powerful intuition (which in my humble opinion is 100% a powerful business tool), and as a Corporate Consultant, Mariah’s mission is to optimize organizational development and resilience through well-being and future-focused people strategies. She leverages culture as the primary driver for holistic business strategy. With the future of work upon us, Mariah leads with a revolutionary mindset for re-skilling and upskilling the workforce ecosystem. Her entrepreneurial launch will now foster ways to reach as many people globally as possible through her personal and professional endeavors. She thrives and strives by allowing a safe space for individuals and teams to align with their strengths and truly ‘live’ out loud with them. Her approach is creative and innovative with a twist of optimism. Mariah identifies herself as: “an optimist who sees the opportunity in every challenge, a go-giver who understands that being open to receiving is just as important as giving.” - Mariah Ramundo The definition of intuition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence. Therefore, to give from within. This is the SOUL speaking and thoughts manifesting to become results. Mariah embodies this and as such, one of her favorite saying is “Thoughts Become Things”. Yes, thoughts DO become things and actions, and things and actions become our life. What powerful insight o recognize that about oneself. Mariah’s INTUITION is her soul speaking out loud and showing itself through her professional endeavors and personal connections. Our well wishes to you Mariah. Let your own light guide your way and the way of others. Stay True to Character, Vina #WixBlog #Intuition #CharacterInLEAD #Karaka #KarakaLEAD #StayTrueToCharacter #CollectiveSignificance #StartFromSpirit #BalanceIn4 #Mindfulness #Meditation #TheWholeAlphabet

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