It is about combining the Sciences and the Arts for Artvine (Vina) Torossian.   From her early days at Bryant University, Artvine chose to pursue both head and heart for life. With a major in Finance and a minor in International Studies, Artvine always looked for ways to combine both to make her life’s path.

Her career straight out of Bryant U, led her into the banking world, where she learned the banking industry’s structural hierarchy by working in divisions of Retail, Institutional, Global and Investments banking.  Throughout that journey, Artvine was always mindful to incorporate the human touch, by staying in roles that nurtured client connection, networking and relationship at every level of the organization.

During a transformational stage in her life, Artvine decided to further pursue her Certificates from Harvard Business School’s programs in Entrepreneurship and Disruptive strategy.  This changed the sails of her path and allowed her to venture into a domain, that truly resonates with her ideals and vision. She initiated a start up called KarakaLEAD Inc, which aims to achieve and combines both Finance/Business and Humanities/Connection.  To describe it simply, it is a lifestyle Brand, and its methods focus on Character and Culture with a touch of the eternally powerful human Spirit.

KarakaLEAD’s mission is to recognize and release the character and spirit of individuals and collectives through practices that nurture the mind, body and spirit via a practice conducive of a mindful and balanced lifestyle based on 4 solid pillars of LEAD, LOVE, LIFE and HEALTH.

KarakaLEAD is the company behind the creation and implementation of the following trademarks:  Karaka, KarakaLEAD, Stay True to Character and Collective Significance

Her venture is aligned with the two prominent philosophies in Artvine’s life which she continuously strives to embody.  First of which is being real and true to yourself, and to know that we are all ONE and can achieve our own definition of success by being there for one another.  This is the basis behind the unique trademark creations of Karaka, KarakaLEAD, Stay True to Character and Collective Significance.

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