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Let’s elaborate on Vina’s TEDx talk topic of the Alphabet and how she used the symbolic comparison of the letters and characters of the alphabet coming together to cause meaning/significance.  Vina believes that this direct parallel is how humanity should function.   We’re all different yet come together to cause individual and collective significance.  

Karaka’s Tavli Talk™ is inspired by the game of backgammon played generationally through Asia and the Middle East, where the playing opponents would play the game and talk to one another about anything and everything!  News, sports, relationships, weather, chit chat, family etc. It was socially played and throughout the game deep conversations, light discussions and many times a lengthy social bond was made.   
We may have all missed the social aspect of talking and connecting to colleagues and counterpart through the physical dispositions of the office settings.


This earliest of human creations: the Alphabet, symbolically functions how humans and nature functions. 

During these 28 day free meetings, we will sequentially use the letters of the alphabet and find 4 words to apply to lead Whole Living, holistic being lifestyles.  

I’ll give you an example:  

On July 7th at 7:00 pm we will meet together and have a Tavli Talk discussion about 4 words which begin with the letter






The agenda will look as follows

Karaka Tabla Breathwork


The Whole Alphabet discussion:  4C’s of Karaka


Journaling for goals and lifestyle


To find out on how to bring this as a workshop to your organization, please email us directly

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