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The primary purpose of the Karaka Tavli Talk™ Signature service is to foster HUMAN connection.  As we have gone virtual, there’s never been a more timely service for this.  Think of this service as a PODCAST done with your team and with either a host facilitator or a moderator.   During the monthly Karaka Tavli Talk™ service, we pick ONE topic and we cover the 4C’s of Karaka about the topic.  The 4C’s of Karaka are Choices, Chances, Changes, Character™.

For example:  if the topic is “Meeting new people”. We circle the conversation around? what CHOICES do we have? what CHANCES we take? what CHANGES do we have to make?  and which CHARACTER strengths do we lead with?

Karaka’s Tavli Talk™ is inspired by the game of backgammon played generationally through Asia and the Middle East, where the playing opponents would play the game and talk to one another about anything and everything!  News, sports, relationships, weather, chit chat, family etc. It was socially played and throughout the game deep conversations, light discussions and many times a lengthy social bond was made.   

We may have all missed the social aspect of talking and connecting to colleagues and counterpart through the physical dispositions of the office settings.  That, je ne sais quoi of the HUMAN connection, that makes both the world go round and our worlds more interesting.  Making meaningful connections within colleagues.  If yes, this service is for your organization, reach out and let’s have this set up. 

Karaka Tavli Talk™

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