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‘Pace & Passion’ are the words from Vina’s TED Talk about Collective Significance, when referring to Technological advancements and Human Character.

Advances of Science and Technology, ‘externally’ aid us a lot!  What are we doing to go inward and thrive on HUMAN Characteristics?  We are constantly DOING, can we turn it to BEING? 

While continuing with our creations, can we still BE.  Being True, Staying True to Character, to HUMAN Character.

This Karaka Signature Program is one of a kind and original.  Here we discuss Human character traits and the passion it should preserve amidst the pace in which we are evolving and designing these very important technological advancements we are experiencing.

Stay True to Character is an important part of this signature service.  Karaka ‘Pace & Passion’ talks, presentations & workshops are designed for organizations, communities and leadership institutions.

Karaka ‘Pace & Passion’™

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