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Let YOUR light shine.  We take staff, community volunteers, leaders, remote workers, hybrid workers and bring them to know one another through our blogging features of ‘Character In Lead’ Blogs.  Once a month rotate, feature, highlight individuals and teams for their ‘Character Strengths’.   

This is how you connect the whole, you cause a ‘Collective Significance’, by allowing those who may no longer be working so closely, get to one another and focus on the positive aspects and strengths.  Positive Psychology applied to the WHOLE.  

We all have ‘Character Strengths’, let’s show them to the world by being featured as a ‘Character in Lead’.  For details on the process and how this wonderful connector works, let us know.  We would be happy to start this blog with you.

Bundle the services for your community or organization: ‘12 Days of Karaka’, ‘Character in LEAD’, ‘KarakaLIFE Magazine’ , or reserve one.  For details on how to book us for this service email us


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