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Campaign with us.  We will bring our creative yet methods to your organization and community.

We launch #12DaysofKaraka once a month for 12 days, where social media posts focus featuring campaigns on connection, leadership & Wellbeing, balance integration, Positive Psychology Mindset, Perspective, Leadership Development, Well-being, Human Character, Growth Mindset, Collective Significance, Mindfulness and Moments, Healing and Change, Health, Love, Holistic practices, Wholeness and Whole Living, or Whole Person being, Restoring Equilibrium. 


Get the momentum started within your organization to be able to set the tone for the month, the quarter for the year.  We will work with you to design, curate and implement the campaigns.

Bundle the services for your community or organization: ‘12 Days of Karaka’, ‘Character in LEAD’, ‘KarakaLIFE Magazine’ or reserve one.  For details on how to book us for this service email us: 


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