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KarakaLEAD® Yourself

(4 Weeks,Online)

The KarakaLEAD® Yourself 4 Week program is a condensed class of our Masterclass. It is designed for personal development and professional development, and is a abridged version of each pillar covered during the 4 weeks.  This course is a good introductory course for those who are pursuing either our Masterclass for ICF Credits or the Instructor Certification Program.

Coaches and Executives:
This is the class to take if you would like to pursue your Karaka Masterclass Instructor Certification or the Karaka Masterclass (8 Weeks ICF CCE Certified)

This course will allow your managers and leaders to get a 4 week glimpse into the wellbeing and leadership basics and be equipped with general guidelines of “Collective Significance” and Whole Person, positive psychology practices.

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