Karaka - Collective Significance™ (LIFE Pillar)

Karaka - Collective Significance™ (LIFE Pillar)


Our Karaka Collective Significance Bundle includes 4 Products. Items are not sold separately.

  • Karaka Mindfulness and Meditation Cushion

  • Karaka Red Journal

  • Karaka Water Bottle

  • Karaka Conscious Grocery & Convenience Tote

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It takes willingness to look at the present moment, a conscious effort towards what might be possible by being in the now.

We would love to introduce to you the Karaka Method. Our 4 Pillars are LEAD, LOVE, LIFE and HEALTH.

Additional list of products - contact us to book.

Karaka Method (All 4 Pillars Workshop)- Workshops for individuals/institutions/associations/corporations.

Character in LEAD Feature (Social Media/Webpage) - Article and Video feature of leadership character trait

One on one sessions/coaching - Balance integration, life pillar reviews, character and culture by design based on our trademarked leadership method Stay True to Character.

KARAKA Collective Significance Bundle - Karaka products balance integrations bundle - 4 products in a bundle.