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Get your eCARD!  This service is an eCARD service to ensure you receive your Karaka inspiration.   Whether it's for you, across the board for your team or community.  We will send these cards to inspire positivity.  Provide basics and reminders of positive psychology practices.  The cards are also an excellent way for balance integration, meaning to ensure you are not focusing on one pillar all the time.  

The service can be set up as frequently as you would like, weekly/bimonthly/monthly.  We have to admit that the Health Pillar KarakaCARD has been one of the favorites so far as it does include recipe cards delivered electronically to our subscribers.  Forming healthy habits takes practice and we encourage this method of balance integration by providing you with the recipes of salads, meals, healthy snacks and some Ancient recipes that have withstood generations.

Karaka Cards

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