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Outdoor Meditation


(4 Weeks,Online)


The Karaka® Focus Classes are designed for personal development and professional development.  When you sign up for each of the Focus sessions we will always start with YOU and then dive into details of the topics within the Pillar we are focusing on.  All the pillars will have the common factors of whole presence, positive psychology based practical tools to bring awareness and leadership to themselves and to others within the 4 pillars of Karaka® - LEAD, LOVE, LIFE and HEALTH.

Communities and educational forums:
  Build an upcoming leadership generation or succession which will embody their true authentic self in all aspects of their lives, this is to ensure the personal and professional growth of their communities include empathy, compassion, kindness through mindfulness and positive psychology practices.

Coaches and Executives:
Refresh and fulfill your professional development needs and requirements.  Sharpen your “saw” to include an up and coming leadership method which will be applicable in many settings.  

The Karaka® Method is designed to build cultures across many different departments and disciplines based on the practical and emotionally intelligent skills taught through this program to bring to the organization.  Our focus at a collective level will still lie on how we each function individually and stay true to ourselves, but also understand the overall impact of this form of functioning to the whole of the organization.

Bring the series of the FOCUS classes to your organization and you will have a full year of workshop designed, pillar designed programs for a “Collective Significance” culture.

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