CHARACTER IN LEAD™ - Dimple Dhabalia

CHARACTER IN LEAD™ - Dimple Dhabalia


Karaka is proud to introduce to you our “Character in LEAD”, Dimple Dhabalia.

Dimple has a Juris Doctor from the University of Denver where she specialized in International Law and Human Rights. She is the founder of her own venture “Roots in the Clouds”. Simply put, she is an inspirational individual. She is giving, calm, selfless, joyful and she makes all this seem so easy. What’s her secret? She leads a life based in mindfulness, connection, and love.

Dimple’s own personal inspiration is her mother. She describes her as, a woman of quiet strength, grace and unconditional love and giving, despite all the challenges she has encountered over the course of her life.

Dimple finds professional inspiration from the individuals she encounters in her day to day work — selfless, mission driven individuals who place great value in serving others. Dimple herself has had a career in public service for over 20 years, primarily working in the humanitarian arena.

In talking with Dimple, it’s evident that she is an individual who embodies the trait of self-awareness. Her focus on building authentic connections, to herself and others, and being present and intentional in her daily interactions, allow her to affect change with empathy and courage, and overcome challenges that arise in everyday human interactions.

Dimple also embodies the trait of joy, which shows up not only in her interactions with others, but also when she is in nature. Dimple says that she feels especially joyful and grounded when she is out in nature, connected to the bigger world around her — mountains, desserts, and especially near the water . In these places she’s often awestruck, recognizing how small we are compared to the natural dynamics of this world. In that space, she sees herself in the context of the larger universe acknowledging its power and vastness, and sending intentions of peace and love out into the world.

Some pictures from Dimple’s travels and journeys around the world.

Some pictures from Dimple’s travels and journeys around the world.

Understanding that time is a gift, Dimple believes, that every day is a new opportunity to set intentions to live a life with meaning, passion and purpose. For Dimple, self-care equals self-love and for that reason she makes it a priority in her life. She believes that morning rituals set up our days for success and lives this herself by starting every morning with 30 minutes of meditation. She finds this time of early morning solitude to be an opportunity for renewal, which allows her to feel grounded and connect with herself before the tasks of the day take over. She also prioritizes making time for afternoon or early evening walks in nature where she has time to contemplate moments of her day and reconnect to herself as she prepares for the evening. She recognizes the importance of taking time to have no plans, relaxing, and meeting up with friends or family for long conversations over shared meals. For Dimple, listening to the needs of her body and taking the time to nurture it, is fundamental to optimal functioning and finding greater work/life harmony.

Dimple is the founder of Roots in the Clouds. True to character, she started the business from a place of LOVE. Dimple was inspired to start Roots in the Clouds because she saw a gap that needed to be filled. Having spent much of her career out in the world, alongside many other humanitarian professionals, Dimple has seen first hand that although they are all working towards the common goal of alleviating the suffering of others, it is often at great cost to themselves. While the work itself can be fulfilling, it is also demanding and emotionally charged. Working long hours often in dire conditions, hearing about torture, trauma, and injustice, day in and day out takes a toll over time and individuals either burn out or find ways to numb the pain. Dimple believes that the humanitarian sector as it currently exists is not set up to support its professionals in the way that they need to be supported, resulting in high rates of attrition and individuals doing this work often losing their ability to empathize and feeling disconnected from their purpose.

Introducing a session at the U.S. Holocaust Museum #humanitarian #humanrights #lovehumanity

Introducing a session at the U.S. Holocaust Museum #humanitarian #humanrights #lovehumanity

Roots in the Clouds is a well-being platform through which Dimple coaches global humanitarians and delivers resilience-based training to prevent burnout and promote service, connection and thriving. Through Roots in the Clouds Dimple offers one to one coaching, resilience-based workshops and training programs based on principles of positive psychology. Dimple’s clients are humanitarians, defined as anyone who seeks to promote the human welfare and happiness of others and alleviate suffering. Individuals who serve others can sometimes experience a loss of purpose and meaning in their personal and professional lives. Through Roots in the Clouds, Dimple helps humanitarians reconnect to their core purpose and live healthy, meaningful lives based in self-compassion and wholehearted living so they can continue to effectively serve others without burning out in the process.

The core values of Roots in the Clouds include mindfulness, connection, savoring, and love. Specifically, the idea that human connection is fundamental to our mental and physical well-being. Humanitarians often sacrifice personal relationships and well-being out of a deep seated desire to serve others. But it is those high quality connections with others that build resilience and allow humanitarians to function at peak performance. Dimple often reminds her clients that “you can’t pour from a cup that is empty. You have to take care of yourself first.”

Dimple believes that having the right balance of connection and mindfulness allows individuals to move from burnout to resilience — from barely surviving to actually thriving. Having personally experienced stress, burnout and secondary trauma as the result of her work in the humanitarian arena, Dimple knows first hand that tools like mindfulness, connection and self-compassion have the power to heal and help individuals reconnect to their essence.

The concept of savoring — or the combination of mindfulness and deep gratitude, is about living and experiencing the present. So many people wait for things to happen in life before they truly begin living. “I’ll do that when I have more money / when I lose 20 pounds / when I find a life partner / when I get a promotion” — the list goes on. Dimple seeks to help individuals learn to savor every day moments of beauty and connection through things like mindful creativity and shared experiences. She reveals that one of her most memorable moments of savoring took place during a road trip through the Mani region in Greece, when she got to experience the stark beauty of the mainland and its people. She managed to capture her deep appreciation for what she saw and experienced through her photography, resulting in a solo exhibit chronicling her experiences through images when she returned to Athens. To this day, that exhibit remains one of her greatest personal accomplishments.

Roots in the Clouds’ offerings are tools through which we see the expressions of love that Dimple creates. She has traveled the world and listened to stories of humanity at its worst. But she’s also witnessed humanity at its best, watching people come together to help one another, share what little they have, and find joy even during the difficult times., These expressions of love give her hope for the future and inspire her to serve her community and the world at large from a place of love.

“Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.
But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:
To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
To know pain of too much tenderness.
To be wounded by your own understanding of love;And to bleed willingly and joyfully.
To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving; 
To rest at noon hour and meditate love’s ecstasy;
To return home at eventide with gratitude;
And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.”

                                      “The Prophet” - Kahlil Gibran

Dimple believes that the world is more connected than ever, and yet people are more lonely than they have ever been. Social media, when used strategically has the power to promote and connect our global communities, however, beyond that it can serve as a barrier to authentic human connection. Through Roots in the Clouds Dimple hopes to highlight that the capacity to truly connect with ourselves and others through mindful living, self-compassion and gratitude creates resilience, tolerance, and empathy.

As a relatively new venture, Roots in the Cloud faces challenges like every new business. Roots in the Clouds is currently in a period of transition as Dimple works to launch more workshops, write, and find opportunities for meaningful collaboration. In addition to basic administrative challenges, Roots in the Clouds has to contend with long-standing beliefs that asking for help or taking care of oneself is a sign of weakness. Through her work with Roots in the Clouds, Dimple is emerging as a thought leader who is pushing boundaries within the humanitarian sector by fostering conversations about the power of mindfulness, self-care and self-compassion in creating resilient individuals who are better poised to serve others.

“Resilience is rooted in human connection, which is fundamental 
to our overall well-being."                 - Dimple Dhabalia

Dimple believes that humans are fundamentally kind and empathetic and she remains hopeful that in time the humanitarian sector will move towards supporting its staff in building quality connections and meaningful experiences through mindful living.

When you meet Dimple, you cannot help but see her as a beacon, drawing you in to connect to her passion and purpose. Dimple is a natural leader and visionary setting out to change the humanitarian sector. She operates from her essence and understands that true love starts with self-love, self-care, and self- compassion — — not self-judgement. She is the embodiment of gratitude and grace. 

Karaka is featuring Dimple Dhabalia for LOVE. I hope you will meet Dimple one day, as I know you will LOVE her. I speak from experience.

Stay True to Character, Dimple.

With Love,

Artvine (Vina)

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