CHARACTER IN LEAD - Jennifer Mazzoni

CHARACTER IN LEAD - Jennifer Mazzoni

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It is with great pleasure and admiration that Karaka PRESENTS our featured “Character in LEAD” Jennifer Mazzoni.    We are featuring Jennifer for her most prominent character trait of “Determination”.   

Jennifer Mazzoni is the founder of “Help Mama Meditate”, a mindfulness and meditation blog site.   She is also and above all, a loving mother of two.  Her firmness of purpose and determination shows through in her passion to be creative with her kids, while ensuring to instill a determined self-purpose of working for equality for all, especially rights for women and children. 

When we define determination we identify it as a positive emotional feeling that involves perseverance towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles.  Jennifer’s professional accomplishments speak to her determination.  At the age of 23, she had already obtained her masters in speech-language pathology from Saint Xavier University, purposefully, conquering many obstacles and hurdles.

When asked about challenges, Jennifer identifies her most challenging role as being a mother, but also  as her most rewarding aspect of her life.   She is always looking for ways to push herself to new heights, hobbies and accomplishments.   Her love of languages shows in her pursuit of studies in Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese.  She picks her languages based on her preferences of travel spots.    Jennifer fills any spare time with reading, writing short stories, yoga and meditation.

Which brings us to Jennifer’s Blog Site, a great resource called “Help Mama Meditate”.  Jennifer meditates daily and meditation also requires a very large amount of determination.   To achieve the state of accepting and showing up as yourself - - as you are -- truly takes determination to get to.   She is not only achieving her goals by founding this site, but is also serving to motivate that desirable state of “just being” to others through meditation.  Therefore, if reaching that meditative state takes determination, indirectly, she is actually teaching her audience about determination.  Her most prominent character trait. 

In pursuit of her blog and work, Jennifer aims to contribute to a world where women and girls are treated with respect and dignity; and a world where individuals are valued for who they are authentically.  She proudly and bravely does this through her continuous writing and through her “Help Mama Meditate” site.  Meditation has helped her identify how important our listening skills are in order to fill any voids or shortcomings we have in life.  Her personal inspirations come from her daughters and her husband, who have taught her that when we attentively listen to others we find that we are ready to be more effective in our roles as mothers and wives.  Most of all this drives her to create moments and activities that nurture their souls and intelligence. 

“Help Mama meditate” acts as a reliable resource.  A resource for care, help, thoughtfulness, reliability and mindfulness to its audience.   Jennifer runs the blog with determination.   Everything contributed to the blog or her Facebook group is done thoughtfully and reliably.    

She wants to continue to give her best, as such, she is always learning new methods of expanding her knowledge on mindfulness and all the technical challenges that come with running a website and an entrepreneurial venture.  She is currently pursuing the Unified Mindfulness Program, and looks to share her knowledge through “Help Mama Meditate”.

Jennifer identifies impatience, stress and worry as obstacles and red flags in life.  Meditation with its mighty natural healing power, has helped her identify and recognize those red flags the minute they are appear.  Through meditation and yoga practice, she has found a solid method of bringing awareness to these debilitating obstacles, by managing and minimizing those occurrences and mindset.   

As an aside, Jennifer’s humanitarian contributions come through her involvement in being a member of the National Women’s History Museum, she longs for the day when the museum breaks ground in Washington D.C., and she will be able to take her daughters to a museum that showcases the history of women who have shaped this country.  It would be a dream of hers to see more independent societies in the future that are diverse and multicultural, in hopes of bringing awareness of how each one of us depends on one another every single day.    She strives for “Karaka” – to cause individual and collective significance.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - Aesop

We, at Karaka, love Jennifer’s determination and the example she sets in being the best mother she can be for her daughters, to accomplish her goals at home, at work and for her blog.   Jennifer stepped away from a full time job/career into part-time role, because she believes that at the top of her responsibilities sits her role as a mother, she defines this as her balancing moment, and we at Karaka completely agree!

Jennifer is spot on in her prioritization, she is smart, she is BALANCED and she is DETERMINED.  Watch out, she has created her balance by looking inward and is influencing the rest of us to do the same.  That’s DETERMINATION.    

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